Racing Brake Fluid - MMR Performance

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Racing Brake Fluid by MMR Performance.

The MMR Performance Racing Brake Fluid is designed to be able to withstand a much higher heat resistance. For those moments where ultimate braking is required, make sure you've got the best stuff for the job. The Racing Brake Fluid is the perfect solution for those looking for a reliable yet affordable solution.

The Racing Brake Fluid is designed for racing where the brakes will be under extreme heat and, highly resistant brake fluid is needed. With an extremely high boiling point and enhanced resistance to increased temperatures, this Brake Fluid won't let you down.  

Key Features:

  • DOT 4
  • Produced in the UK
  • ERBP ≥300ºC
  • Wet ERBP ≥195ºC
  • Supplied in 500ml bottles

The MMR Performance Racing Brake Fluid is suitable for all Performance Brakes. MMR Performance are the leading manufacturer for BMW/MINI Tuning products in the UK. If you're looking to take your BMW or MINI to the ultimate level, then MMR Performance has you covered.

The MMR Performance Brake Fluid is suitable for all types of cars. 


PART NO: MMR25-1501


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