Scene Cartel Decon Glue & Tar Remover

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Scene Cartel Decon Glue & Tar Remover

The most powerful glue & tar remover money can buy!!

Decon is one of our voted top products tested on our in house demo cars over a period of months to ensure safe and reliable use.

this glue and tar remover is safe to use on all panels, wheels and glass (avoiding rubbers unless rinsed) its impeccably powerful and has been used on our race winning time attack cars to remove large rubber deposits with ease.

Glue and tar remover should be the staple diet for anyone serious about performance cars to remove bugs, glue, tar and other stubborn deposits.

Key Features:

  • Super strength for tough deposits 
  • rubber safe if rinsed 
  • glass safe
  • easy application 

Contact the team at AET Motorsport for further details regarding the Scene Cartel Decon Glue & Tar Remover. We will be more than happy to help with any enquiries that you may have regarding the brand.

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