Scene Cartel Quick Detailer Mirror Finish

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Scene Cartel Mirror Finish Quick Detailer

Quick detailer has to be in any passionate car detailers tool kit no matter if you are a hobbyist detailing lover or outright professional.

Mirror Finish is easily one of the Scene Cartels best sellers leaving little on the table in terms of ultimate quick detailing. its high concentrate of hydrophobic polymers and extra wetting agents this is will not only give you an ultra clean finish but will put a light protective barrier over any paintwork or gloss wrap.

Mirror Finish is ideal for people wanting to give an instant high quality finish to the surface of their pride and joy before a show, meet or just general maintenance.

This quick detailer will give a showroom finish in super fast timing removing greasy finger prints and dust with a single mist over a panel.

How to us Mirror Finish quick detailer:-

  • Apply quick detailer to a clean surface in a mist action
  • Use a Scene Cartel Ultimate microfiber cloth to wipe gently in a straight motion
  • Wipe again with clean microfiber or buffing pad

Key Features:-

  • Super quick application for ultimate speed 
  • Insane gloss finish perfect for shows
  • Safe to use on gloss wraps and rubber/plastics

Contact the team at AET Motorsport for further details regarding the Scene Cartel Mirror Finish Detailer. We will be more than happy to help with any enquiries that you may have regarding the brand.

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