AUDI S3 Remap Stage 1 - VUDU Performance

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Audi S3 8V remap stage 1 VUDU Performance.

The Audi S3 8V has been a formidable hot hatch for tuning with many leading software companies making it a core market for stage 1 remaps through to stage 3 ecu software developments couple this with amazing launch control improvements the Audi S3 MQB platform sharing the same chassis as the Golf r mk7 and Golf r mk7.5.

Our Audi S3 ecu is leading the way with amazing results from a stage 1 remap right through to stage 3 using many hybrid turbo manufactures we can achieve fantastic results on the Audi platform. It is always a good idea to get a dsg remap to offer improved shift speeds remove further torque limitation and full control shift points during manual mode these are just some of the benefits of upgrading the tcu software the the same time as your engine ecu.


  • Up to 390bhp stage 1
  • Optional TCU tuning 
  • Left Foot Braking enabled
  • Specifically calibrated ECU setting for Simos 18ECU 

Our VUDU Performance ECU car remapping files are designed in house to ensure we have fantastic and repeatable results giving many extras over the standard ECU calibration as well as ensuring safety parameters are kept inline with the OEM settings.

If you would like to read more about ECU remapping we have a specific blog which explains everything from a stage 1 to stage 3 upgrade including some information about TCU remapping.

Check out remapping stages explained blog here

The terminology TCU stands for TCU transmission control unit and controls the dsg clutches and gearbox. the TVS dsg gearbox software is a popular option but our VUDU performance TCU calibrations have proven multiple times to be equally as good if not marginally smoother. read more about our DSG Calibration here

As we know the stage 2 remap is the next level up from this tune requiring much more hardware to achieve over 400hp consistently check out the product page here.

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