Toyota Gr Yaris Stage 1 Remap - VUDU Performance

Toyota Gr Yaris Stage 1 Remap - VUDU Performance

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Toyota Gr Yaris Stage 1 Remap - VUDU Performance

The Toyota Yaris Gr Stage 1 Remap is the perfect modification for your Yaris Gr to make your car perform to its full potential. We can assure this as we have tested our ECU VUDU software thoroughly so the car can reach new figures we could of never imagined. This will ensure that this will give you a smooth power delivery that your car needs.

The Toyota Yaris Gr is no standard Yaris. This hot hatch four wheel drive car is equipped with a turbocharged and direct/port injected 1.6 litre three-cylinder engine that produces upwards of 260 BHP with 266ftlb of torque. The Gr Yaris is the first Toyota car to introduce a carbon fibre roof to one of their cars which makes the car weigh 3.5kg less improving the overall performance of the car.

This is no standard car. This is a really good competitor and ready to go toe to toe with the likes of a Honda Civic Type R. You may think the Toyota Gr Yaris would have no chance but they have very similar acceleration times. Both of these car have acceleration times of 0-60 in 5.7 seconds.

This car is powered by Toyota Gazoo Racing which was originally a world rally championship car that has competed numerously in the rally world series but has now been converted in to a road car/performance car which is suitable for car lovers.

The four wheel drive system also increases the car's performance, as all four wheels are receiving power, instead of just the two front or rear wheels. It also helps to improve the car's handling, as the power is distributed equally to all four wheels, resulting in better cornering and manoeuvrability. Additionally, the four wheel drive system provides better grip when accelerating, as all four wheels are working together to provide greater traction.

The Toyota Gr Yaris comes with a 6 speed manual gearbox which works well with the GR- four chassis. In reality you are able to change the chassis via the 3 car modes that it comes with. Normal equates to 60:40 split with the front and rear. Sport flips that with 30:70 and then finally track mode which equally spreads out the torque to all 4 wheel.

You can also purchase a convenience pack with the Yaris Gr which comes with some extras such as upgraded speaker system, satnav, rear parking sensors and other some other features.

Toyota Yaris Gr Remap Figures - VUDU Performance

Stock Figures Gr Yaris - 260 BHP and 266ftlb

Stage 1 VUDU Remap - 310 BHP and 306ftlb

This software will also give your car improved responsiveness and greater control, allowing you to take advantage of its full potential. .

Our tuning that we have installed in your Gr Yaris will give it a considerable boost in both power and torque. This software will optimise the performance of your vehicle, allowing it to reach higher levels of acceleration and speed.

The Toyota Yaris Gr is recommended to use certain types of fuel to ensure maximum performance and efficiency, it is recommended that Tesco 99 or Shell V Power fuels are used, as they offer a higher fuel quality which will allow the remap to reach its full potential.

For more information about the Toyota Gr Yaris tuning, please get in touch with us by phone, email, or through our website. Our team can provide you with more details about the remap, including its features, benefits, and any other questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get the most out of your Toyota Gr Yaris.


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