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VUDU Performance Breathing Package for the Toyota Yaris GR.

We're excited to introduce to you the new VUDU Performance Breathing Package for the Toyota Yaris featuring a Turbosmart Dual Port BOV and the ITG Panel Air Filter. The breathing package is a great first upgrade for the Yaris GR swapping out the paper OEM filter for an ITG Trifoam Panel Filter allows your car to breathe more efficiently. Pair that with Turbosmart's Dual Port BOV, and you've got a recipe for success. 

Turbosmart Dual Port BOV 

Turbosmart has designed the BOV Kompact Dual Port to make your car sound like the awesome rally car it is. As well the OEM BOV is prone to boost bleeding as it struggles to cope with high boost pressure. The Turbosmart Dual Port blow-off valve holds the boost better at increased pressure allowing your turbo to perform to the best of its ability!

ITG Panel Air Filter

The ITG Panel Air Filter is the perfect simple upgrade for your Yaris GR. Swapping out the OEM paper filter for the innovative Trifoam layered filter will allow your engine to breathe easier with cleaner air.  

Key Features:

- Improved airflow.

- Enhanced air filtration.

- Magnified turbo whistle.

- Easy to fit.

- Direct replacement. 




Require Fitting?

If you would like us to fit the VUDU Breathing Package for the Toyota Yaris GR, then get in touch with a member of the team to arrange it for you. Our expert technicians will have no problem fitting it and will allow you to have peace of mind.

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