TTFS High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) - BMW M2 / N55 Models

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The limiting factor on the BMW N55 engine is the HPFP runs out of pressure resulting in the vehicle being limited to around 430 - 440 bhp depending on how efficient the vehicle is. 

Uprating the HPFP to a TTFS High-Pressure Fuel Pump allows the vehicle to produce more rail pressure allowing the vehicle to produce more power when matched with a remap. 

A stage 2 vehicle running an uprated HPFP would see in the region of 470bhp and over 500lbft in the mid-range.

We do not use or recommend the additional fuel be supplemented with the use of port injectors. The N55 was designed as a direct injection engine and for optimal & safe tuning should remain as such. 

TTFS are proud to offer the N55 community the first ever factory like fuel system upgrade. While the factory fuel system is adequate for stock vehicles this engine quickly runs out of fuel with even basic performance upgrades. To help combat this, we are pleased to introduce the first High-Pressure Fuel Pump for the N55 direct injection engines. This is a complete bolt-on upgraded and comes with everything needed to make installation easy. 

The TTFS HPFP is plug & play but, it must be accompanied by custom base tuning to work correctly. If you require a fitting option along please select the option from the variants below. 


  • Maximum Flow Rate: 195LPH @ 7000rpm
  • Maximum Rail Pressure 200bar / 2900psi (like OEM) 
  • Fuel Compatibility: all known fuels, all Ethanol blends 
  • Mechanical Data Geometric Pump Capacity 1.22cc (OEM = 0.897cc > +36% capacity)


  • BMW F87 M2
  • BMW N55 powered models

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