VUDU Alchemy 1 Tuning Package Upgrade with Fitting - Abarth 500/595

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The VUDU Alchemy 1 is the ultimate upgrade kit to transform your Abarth from your average every day road going Abarth into a much more intense and statement version of its original self.

THe package offers a number of different products to tick a number of boxes enhancing the cars performances, driving capabilities and the cars visual presence.

The Alchemy one contains the following;

VUDU/Peron Stage 1 (model Specific)

ihi turbo models: 160whp/218lbft 

garret turbo models: 185whp/229lbft

Package includes the ECU Remap + Before and after dyno testing.

Please note: figures as on all ECU remaps will differ due to hardware already fitted to the car, this meaning that some will make more than others due to additional support modifications fitted.

ITG intake system 

The ITG induction kit for the Fiat 500 Abarth completely replaces the OEM intake system.  The ITG kit sources cool air from behind the scuttle panel, well away from any power robbing heat under the bonnet.

Testing has shown gains of 16hp over the standard induction system on a re-mapped car.

Aside from the increase in power, there are improvements' with throttle response and a pleasing, yet unobtrusive increase in intake Noise.


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