VUDU Dead Pedal - Mk7 / Mk8 Ford Fiesta


VUDU Dead Pedal Foot Rest

Gain the signature VUDU finishing touch on your Mk7 and Mk8 Ford Fiesta with the VUDU Dead Pedal Foot Rest. 

The VUDU Dead Pedal is the latest in a long line of VUDU products produced by AET Motorsport. With over 10 years of knowledge and experience in the Motorsport industry, we at AET Motorsport decided to bring our very own range of products to help enhance the Mk7 and Mk8 Ford Fiesta from a basic everyday vehicle to an exciting hot hatchback.

Constructed from only the finest of quality T6061 billet aluminium material, the Dead Pedal Foot Rest carries the signature VUDU brand logo to create a visually appealing aspect to your footwell. 

No mechanical background or tools are required, fitting will take less than a couple of minutes to complete.

Learn more about the VUDU brand in the YouTube clip from our very own VUDU Garage below:

VUDU Foot Rest Fits The Following Vehicles:

  • Mk7 Ford Fiesta ST180
  • Mk7 Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost
  • Mk8 Ford Fiesta ST
  • Mk8 Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost

Need to Learn More?

AET Motorsport have a dedicated team on hand to answer any questions you have regarding any of our VUDU branded products. Please contact the team to discuss the VUDU Dead Pedal further.

Call or Email to discuss: 
Tel: 01924 228042  |  Email:

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