VUDU Decat Downpipe - Ford Fiesta ST180

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Another addition to the VUDU high-quality precision engineered product range has landed.

Our new VUDU Ford Fiesta ST180 decat downpipe has been in the test and development stages for over 4 months on our in-house 340bhp road going demo car. we have tested this part in the harshest of enviroments including fast road, track and drag racing. Ensuring all our VUDU product range is put through huge amounts of heat and vibration cycles proves we have the finest quality products on the market.

As always we use the highest quality grade of materials to produce this Fiesta decat pipe and it is manufactured by some of the most talented and highly skilled engineers on the planet this not only ensures longevity but ultimate performance at the same time.

The welding on this particular decat pipe is beautiful and the craftsmanship is second to none it far outweighs anything we have found on the market thus far.

The material spec of this VUDU Decat downpipe can be found below.

Stainless steel  304 is the most versatile and the most widely used of all stainless steels.  Its chemical composition, mechanical properties, weldability and corrosion/oxidation resistance provide the best all-around performance stainless steel available on the market.  It also has excellent low-temperature properties and responds well to hardening by cold working.

Part of our commitment to research and development of the VUDU product range means we decided to test the flow properties of this decat pipe to the absolute limit utilising our in-house Dynapack 2000HP hub dyno.

We used our VT330R Hybrid turbo kit on our Voodoo demonstrator car to push the limits of its capability the results where astonishing managing to achieve 318WHP and 366BHP proving that not only could the VUDU Fiesta ST180 decat handle heat and vibration testing far beyond is required use but also perform to the highest of standard. see example graph below.

Ford Fiesta ST180 Decat Downpipe VUDU Decat

To further prove the capabilities of our new VUDU decat downpipe we try to complete as much circuit time as possible. we all know this is the hardest test for any performance product putting it to the test with qualified race licence holders out on the circuit.

Below is onboard footage of a quick lap around Blyton Park Raceway during a day of test and development.

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