VUDU Overrun Addon - BMW M135i / M235i / 335i


The AET Motorsport - VUDU Stage 2 with overrun addon for the BMW N55 engine offers the opportunity for you to take your BMW to the next level! 
The Overrun addon work specifically without VUDU tuning designed specifically for the BMW N55 engine found in the new F series BMW's. With an increased crackle/bang between gears and on overrun. 
After  383WHP | 471LBFT

Package includes the ECU Remap + Before and after dyno testing.

The vehicle tested had the following hardware

* ITG Panel filter
* Uprated charge pipe 
* Stock intercooler
* Cobra decat

Designed to run on 99 Octane fuel 

Please note: figures as on all ECU remaps will differ due to hardware that is already fitted to the car, this meaning that some will make more than others due to additional support modifications fitted onto the car


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