VW Golf GTD Stage 1 Remap - VUDU Remap Software

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VUDU Stage 1 Remap Software For The VW Golf GTD Mk7

Enhance your VW Golf GTD with our VUDU Stage 1 Remap Software!

Finally VW Golf GTD remapping to the highest of standard at a cost effective price! The VUDU Stage 1 Remap for VW Golf GTD makes some astonishing power figures whilst increasing an already impressive economy figure.

Our recent venture into the VAG tuning market has seen us work with some of the leading software and hardware manufacturers in the world. This great knowledge has enabled us to develop our very own range of VUDU software to offer the finest automotive softwares on the VAG tuning market.

Please select whether you require a tuning tool from the drop down menu.

Our talented team of technicians in the AET Motorsport workshop understands that no two engines are the same and as part of our service, we will connect your VW Golf GTD model to our very own advanced chassis dyno. We do this to test the performance of the vehicle before and after we map the car. This provides both our technicians and yourself with safe and reliable information on the map, showing us the exact power produced from the map.

Key Features and benefits:

  • Boost performance to 230Bhp and 320+Ib 
  • Huge mid-range pulling power
  • Increase fuel economy up to 10% (driving style dependent)
  • Reduce 0-60mph time considerably 

Check out this VW Golf GTD stage 1 graph to see before and after performance figures. Please note these are WHP figures, for BHP simply add 12% to the below figures:

This remap will transform the driving experience of your Golf GTD as well as help with further improving your fuel economy. 

The Stage 1 Golf GTD Remap software must be flashed in-house by a member of the workshop team at AET Motorsport, the price advertised also includes a dyno run. Please contact a member of the team at AET Motorsport for any further details you require or to secure your booking in the workshop.

Call or Email to discuss: 
Tel: 01924 228042  |  Email: info@aetmotorsport.com

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