VUDU Stage 1+ Remap Tuning Package - BMW M135i / M235i / M2

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VUDU Stage 1+ Remap Tuning Package For The BMW M135i, M235i and M2 models!

The VUDU Stage 1+ Remap Tuning Package is the ideal tuning package for stock BMW N55 models!

Offering the perfect tuning enhancements for a stock N55 model, add some VUDU magic to your ride with our very own VUDU Stage 1+ Remap Tuning Package. The results of the tuning package speak for themselves with premium enhancements made to both the power and torque figures, with up to a 12% increase expected! We've worked tirelessly to perfect the Stage 1+ package, adapting our very own BMW M135i demonstration vehicle so that it is able to perform to its maximum potential. 

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See the results for yourself below:

STOCK FIGURES: 337bhp | 306lbft


Figures taken from our very own HUB dyno on our BMW M135i demonstration vehicle. These figures will differ from car to car dependent on any additional hardware on the vehicle.

VUDU Stage 1 Remap Software for the BMW M135i, M235i and M2:

The VUDU Stage 1 Remap Software has been specifically designed for the BMW N55 engine offering you a fine opportunity to take your BMW M135i to a level you did not know was possible from just a simple mapping upgrade. This remap software has quickly become a best seller at AET Motorsport after a surge of N55 engine model owners opted for a VUDU remap over other remap softwares on the BMW tuning market. The obvious factor being the huge gains the software is capable of producing with power gains expected to increase by around 12%!

Our VUDU Software has been specifically designed to run 99 Octane fuel.

ITG Pro Air Filter for the BMW M135i, M235i and M2:

The ITG Pro Air Filter is designed as a direct replacement for the standard airbox on the BMW N55 engine, designed to enhance the airflow passing through the vehicle. During testing on our BMW M135i demonstration vehicle, the ITG Pro Air Filter picked up an additional 10bhp...on a stock vehicle too!

Should you wish to take your BMW M135i one step further, we have our very own Stage 2 Tuning Package available to purchase on the AET Motorsport webshop here! Learn more about this package in the clip from our VUDU Garage YouTube channel here:

What's Included?

The price shown for the BMW M135i Stage 1+ Remap Tuning Package includes before and after dyno testing to witness the new maximum output of the vehicle and also includes a fitting for the ITG Pro Air Filter. Once you have made your purchase online, please give the office a call to get booked in at your earliest convenience. Your vehicle will be left in the safest of hands with our expert team of technicians boasting a wealth of experience when it comes to working on the BMW 1 series models, having worked on our very own VUDU demonstration vehicle over the past couple of years.

Please note shipping is unavailable as the software must be flashed in house at our state of the art workshop facility. 

Finance Options Available:

Finance options are available from as little as £6.70 per month! To apply for finance please select the Apply For Finance option when checking out the BMW M135i Stage 1+ Remap Tuning Package.

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