VUDU Stage 2 Remap Software - BMW M135i / M235i / 335i / 435i / M2

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VUDU Stage 2 Remap Software for the BMW M135i / M235i / 335i / 435i and M2

Experience the signature VUDU power on your BMW M135i with our very own VUDU Stage 2 Remapping Software!

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The AET Motorsport VUDU Stage 2 Remap Software has been specifically manufactured for the BMW N55 engine, offering you an excellent opportunity to take your BMW up a level from Stage 1! A popular seller for the BMW M135i, the Stage 2 Remap Software is more than capable of boost your vehicle's WHP by 80, this will be dependent on the hardware the vehicle is running.

The VUDU Remap Package includes the ECU Remap along with before and after dyno testing on our very own HUB dyno in West Yorkshire. This provides us with accurate and reliable power gains that you can trust. 

Figures from our very own BMW M135i Test Vehicle:

Before 301WHP | 306LBFT

After  383WHP | 471LBFT

The vehicle tested had the following hardware:

  • ITG Panel Filter
  • Uprated Charge Pipe 
  • Stock Intercooler
  • Cobra Decat

The VUDU Stage 2 Remap Software has been specifically designed to run on 99 Octane fuel. Vehicles not running 99 Octane Fuel will not see the huge gains of our M135i test vehicle.

Please note: figures as on all ECU remaps will differ due to hardware that is already fitted to the car, this meaning that some will make more than others due to additional support modifications fitted onto the car.

VUDU Stage 2 Dyno figures:

JB4 Map 5 VS Voodoo Stage 2 Comparison:

JB4 | 375WHP | 435LBFT

VUDU Stage 2 | 383WHP | 471LBFT

Learn more about the VUDU Stage 2 Remapping Software in the YouTube clip from VUDU Garage below: 

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