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VW Golf GTI MK8 Front Spiltter - Maxton Design

£184.00 inc. VAT £153.33 excl. VAT

Maxton Design Front Splitter  for the VW Golf GTI MK8.


Add the signature Maxton Design difference to your VW Golf GTI MK8 with the Front Splitter. The front splitter for the new Volkswagen Golf GTI gives the visual that the car is lower to the ground which in turn enhances both the grip and stability. The Maxton Design Front splitter also increases the down-force on the front of the Golf. This down-force is due to the splitter lowering the car, forcing more air pressure to go over the car rather than below it.

The Maxton Design Front Splitter comes in five different variants. The V1, V2(+Flaps), V3 (+flaps), V4, and V5.  

Constructed from only the finest quality ABS plastic material, the Maxton Front Splitter features significantly unique strength and flexibility characteristics to provide you with peace of mind that the splitter you are purchasing is up to the usual high standard that Maxton Design strives to possess throughout their constructions.

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Key Features:

- Improved Aesthetics.

- Lowered, sportier look.

- Improved grip and stability. 

- Constructed from ABS plastic.

Kit Includes: 

  • Front Splitter 
  • Mounting Kit
  • Mounting Manual
  • Flaps in black matte colour
  • Flaps mounting screws




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