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VUDU Performance Remap Software Stage 1 VP370 for VW Golf R MK8.


The VW Golf R is a trademark of hot hatchbacks and the new Golf R MK8 will be no exception to that hype. The VUDU remap software developers have been working around the clock to bring to you the ultimate Stage 1 remap software for the VW Golf R MK8. The new Golf R remap unlocks the Golf's full potential allowing you to reach increased power and torque. 


  • Improved driveablity in all modes
  • Increased performance through all of the rev range
  • Optional TCU upgrade
  • Improved fuel economy when natural driving style resumed
  • Peak figure gains of 20-25% software only

The VUDU Remap software aims to give your car added power whilst maintaining the OEM drive feel. The VUDU Tuning software goes through vigorous testing to ensure the remap won't harm the engine.

The VP370 software (Stage 1) is the base level of tuning on offer taking your MK8 Golf R from 300bhp to an impressive 370bhp.

If you're looking to get the most from your Golf MK8 check out our collection of VW Golf R MK8 tuning products.

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