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VW Polo GTI AW Induction Kit From RAMAIR

The VW Polo GTI is a superb little hot hatch option that driving enthusiasts are looking at for a bit of fun on the roads. But as tuners, we are always looking out for tuning mods that would be perfect to enhance your Polo GTI driving experience that little bit further.

An aftermarket induction kit is often one of the first places tuners would recommend making a change, especially if you are looking at remapping the vehicle. When we saw that RAMAIR had completed their production of the Polo GTI Induction Kit, we simply had to be one of the best to have it on our online store for customers looking to add our hugely desired VUDU Stage 1 Remap Software.

The quality of a RAMAIR Induction Kit speaks for itself. With many years of induction technology under their belts, the development team at Ramair make sure the solution works for the vehicle. If it doesn't, they simply wont make it. Whether this kit is being fitted to a standard vehicle or an already-tuned vehicle, you can be sure of the positive performance gains it will deliver.

Our Polo GTI range of products does not stop at air filters and induction systems! Our full collection of Mk6 Polo GTI mods continues to grow as we look to bring everything you need to change your Polo from that simple hot hatch to an absolute road monster! Be sure to check out the full VW Polo AW GTI collection for all your modification needs!

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