Racingline MQB - R600 Intake System

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Racing Line R600 Intake System.

The Racing Line R600 intake system is one of the very best intake systems on the market right now for the MQB Platform cars – Offering a number of performance enhancements over stock one of the most unique features to the intakes customer base is the OEM+ look the R600 airbox brings to the engine bay.

Appealing to those who are in the search of performance while still maintaining a visually inconspicuous look to their car we tested the R600 on a number of customer car as well as our very own Mk7 Golf R demonstration car where we seen an impressive 370bhp (APR STAGE 1) before breaking the 400bhp barrier (APR Stage 2).

The R600 has a great reputation for being one of the best intake systems available for stage 3 Golf R/GTI, Audi S3, Cupra R, VRS cars due to its superior flow and size increase over stock.

Key Features:

  • OEM+ Visual Look
  • 2x increase in filter size
  • Increased Flow rate over stock
  • Enhanced Intake sound
  • Cold air feed attachment to the stock bumper

 In the Video's listed below you'll see some 0-60 times between both stock and tuned (running the R600) As well as the a full vlog on the Audi S3 where you'll be able to find some footage on the process of how we fit the intake as well as tune the car after the intake has been fitted

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