Wagner Performance Package catless (07/13+) - BMW F-series N55 EVO 2


The BMW F-series N55 EVO 2 Performance Package with cat 07/13+ features the items below and is suitable for the following vehicles.

BMW M135i(x) F20 / F21 model 07/2013+
BMW M235i(x) F22
BMW 335i(x) F30 / F31 / F34 model 07/2013+
BMW 435i(x) F32 / F36 model 07/2013+

BMW F20 F30 EVO2 Performance Intercooler Kit #200001066

The high-performance intercooler has the following dimensions
EVO2     520mm x215mm x145mm/stepped 13,840cm³
OEM      510mm x130mm x110mm, 7,293cm³

Featuring ~85% larger surface area and 90% more volume than the OEM Intercooler.
The Performance Core provides excellent cooling properties.
The end tanks of the intercooler are constructed using freeform cast aluminium optimized with flow analysis in our CAD systems.
Plug & Play Installation using the stock plumbing, no cutting or bumper removal required. 

BMW F-Series N55 Catless Downpipe Kit 7/13+ #500001017

Replacement for OEM BMW Part #18328602882

Designed in CAD and then constructed using 1.4301 (SS304) stainless steel.
High flow decat* reduces the thermal load on the turbocharger.
Significantly less back pressure resulting in increased torque and power.
Perfect fit as a direct replacement for the OEM unit.
2 Lambda probe connections.
Connection diameter 118mm

*ECU will need to be coded to avoid engine management light errors.

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