Wavetrac Differential – Volkswagen Golf MK7 DSG 2WD


Wavetrac Differential for the Volkswagen Golf Mk7 DSG 2WD

The Wavetrac Differential outperforms every other gear diff on the VW Golf tuning market as it won't lose all drive when one axle is unloaded.

The cam device in the Wavetrac Differential prevents any loss of drive when the inside wheel is unloaded, not only does this make your Mk7 Golf more predictable but it also improves the overall driving performance of the vehicle, allowing for consistent power delivery through each corner on the road or track. 

Suited for the highest of performance track or road vehicles, the Wavetrac Differential provides drive to both wheels without any unnecessary handling issues that traditional differentials are known to create. Manufactured in the USA, the new found performance of the Wavetrac Differential is consistent throughout due to the carbon fibre bias plates installed by Wavetrac's team of expert craftsmen. 

Wavetrac Differential Will Fit The Following VW Golf Mk7 Models:

Volkswagen Golf MK7 (2012 - 2016) GTD 2.0TDI (184ps)
Volkswagen Golf MK7 (2012 - 2016) GTI 2.0TSI (220-230PS)
Volkswagen Golf MK7 Estate (2013 - 2016) GTD 2.0TDI (184ps)
Volkswagen Golf MK7.5 (2017 - Onwards) 2.0TDI GTD
Volkswagen Golf MK7.5 (2017 - Onwards) 2.0TSI GTI (230-245ps)
Volkswagen Golf MK7.5 (2017 - Onwards) 2.0TSI GTI Clubsport (265ps)

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