Peron Tuning Approve AET As Main Dealers

Posted by Dave Foy on

Peron Tuning has established itself as a big player in the Ford tuning scene since releasing their turbo kits. AET Motorsport have been involved right from the beginning helping with hours of development time on our in-house Hub Dyno and fitting in our motorsport prep facility.

We are very humbled to be welcomed on board from the people at Peron and respect their passion to provide engineering excellence to the tuning scene. We believe with AET Motorsport's roots and Peron Tuning's engineering capabilities we can offer our clients the pinnacle of drive-in drive-out tuning packages developed and tested to the highest standards.

All Peron Tuning parts are now available from our web shop for direct purchase or supply and fit packages Including the P3XX EFR Big turbo kit for the Fiesta ST and the Super Stock Billet X Kit for the Focus ST (pictured below).

If you have a requirement for supply or a package tune please don't hesitate to contact us for a free quotation.

Peron turbo Peron turbo



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