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Golf R Fuel Pumps

By itself, a Mk7 Golf R fuel pump will not increase power, but it will provide the ability to increase power by providing a higher flow of fuel to the engine. It essentially takes fuel from your VW Golf fuel tank and injects it into the combustion chamber of your engine at an extremely high pressure, atomizing the fuel.

What Is The Difference Between a High-Pressure Fuel Pump And A Low-Pressure Fuel Pump Upgrade?

The role of the low-pressure fuel pump is to siphon the gas from the gas tank before sending it through to the high-pressure fuel pump. In this situation, the high-pressure fuel pump pressurizes the fuel just enough to spray the fuel into the combustion chamber.

Golf R High Pressure Fuel Pump

Golf R High-Pressure Fuel Pump

When it comes to the high-pressure fuel pump on the R or GTI Golf model, it is Autotech that supplies the goods. The plasma DLC coating on this fuel pump ensures a low-friction operation where precise tolerances are maintained with each piston and cylinder to provide the utmost amount of precision and longevity.

You will find this particular brand of fuel pump is included in our Golf R Stage 3 Tuning Package. We have tried and tested a number of different brands, but we have found the Autotech option to provide the greatest results. The Autotech High-Pressure Fuel Pump has therefore gone through some pretty rigorous testing on our very own hub dyno, so we can personally guarantee that this fuel pump is one you can trust on your own Golf R builds.

Golf R Low-Pressure Fuel Pump

The Golf R Low-Pressure Fuel Pump would be necessary for a Stage 3 build as the larger in-tank of a low-pressure fuel pump allows the vehicle to hold more fuel and generate more power.

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For any information about our range of Golf R fuel pumps, make sure to please contact us via phone, or email. Our team of Volkswagen Golf R Mk7 tuning experts will be able to guide you in the right direction regarding any questions that you have for us.

Should you require our own technicians to fit your Golf R fuel pump, please contact our team for a quote.

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