Fiesta ST MK7 ST180 Remap Software - VUDU Performance Fiesta ST MK7 ST180 Remap Software - VUDU Performance Fiesta ST MK7 ST180 Remap Software - VUDU Performance Fiesta ST MK7 ST180 Remap Software - VUDU Performance

Fiesta ST MK7 ST180 Remap Software - VUDU Performance

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Fiesta ST Remap Software By VUDU Performance

Fiesta ST tuning like no other. The range of Ford Remapping from VUDU is without doubt the game changer in the Fast Ford market.



After  extensive testing, research and development on our the AET Motorsport hub dyno for the most accurate and reliable of results, we are happy to unveil the VUDU Remapping software to the market. 

The VUDU Tuning Tool:

The VUDU Tuning Tool allows you to flash the Ford Fiesta ST from home via the OBD using a USB cable into the programmer. The programmer is specifically allocated to the vehicle. The tool also allows the vehicle to be flashed back to standard if required. 

The Tuning Packages:

Fiesta MK7 St Stage 1 VP225 = 190WHP-200WHP

The VUDU Performance VP225 Stage 1 Remap is our introductory software package. This is ideal for those looking for a slight increase in power without spending extra money on hardware. With our Stage 1 software you can expect to see your ST180 to go from 160WHP (180BHP) to around 190-200WHP (225BHP). This is a great introduction to into the tuning world for anyone looking to dip their toes in. 

VP225 Stage 1 Remap

If you're looking to push the boat out and experiment with a mix of hardware and remap software for that extra power check out our VP235 Stage 1+ Tuning Package for the Ford Fiesta ST180 platform for the best OEM + solution.

*includes VUDU Programmer only

Specifically designed for a stock Ford Fiesta ST ( 98 RON )

*We recommend running Vpower / Tesco 99 

Fiesta Remap Stage 2 VUDU Performance VP245 = 210WHP-220WHP

The VUDU Performance VP245 Tuning software is the perfect level for those looking to get the most from their Fiesta ST without breaking the bank on a turbo upgrade. If you were to purchase this tuning software you are required to have some necessary hardware upgrades. Transforming your car with the VUDU Stage 2 software will see your Fiesta ST MK7 providing 210WHP-220WHP!

We recommend: 

- VUDU Stage 2+ Intercooler.

- ITG Induction Kit.

- VUDU Decat Downpipe / Cobra or Scorpion Sports Cat.

- Fiesta ST exhaust, personal choice. (Best seller Milltek Sport Non-Res Polished exhaust.) 

We offer a full VUDU Performance Stage 2 Package that features all of the hardware and software needed to take your car to 215WHP.

*includes VUDU Programmer only

Specifically designed to work with a Intercooler, ITG intake system, down - pipe.( 98 RON )

*We recommend running Vpower / Tesco 99 

Fiesta ST Stage 3 VUDU Performance VP330 = 290WHP

The VP330 Stage 3 remap software couples with our renowned stage 3 hybrid turbochargers and is the highest level of tuning we offer. Upgrading your Fiesta MK7 ST with this software will give you a track car ready for the road. You will leave bigger cars in the dust as your race past them. Our VUDU software has been track and road tested to ensure reliability for whatever the occasion. 

Upgrading to VP330 will see your car excel to power levels around 330BHP. At this power, you will outpace the VW Golf R and hold your own against an M140i.

In order to reach Stage 3, you will need to have all the hardware needed for Stage 2 as well as an upgraded turbo. Our VT330R Hybrid Turbo is our recommendation, having proved itself on the biggest of stages, including the Nurburgring in our ST180 demo race car.

Check out our VUDU Performance VP330 Tuning Package that includes all the hardware and software required to go to stage 3

Specifically designed to work with a full stage 3 Fiesta ST model, Intercooler, ITG intake system, down - pipe.( 98 RON )

*we recommend running Vpower / Tesco 99

This kit is designed to get the maximum power output from the 1.6 ecoboost engine whilst maintaining stock internal components and reliability.  

We offer a full stage 3 kit if you want to take your Fiesta MK7 to the next level.

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