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Toyota Yaris GR Tuning and Upgrades

Yaris GR performance parts and remaps

The Toyota Yaris GR is one of 2020's hottest hatch. The Toyota Yaris GR Collection has all the makings of a modern day rally car for the road. With many of the UK tuning manufacturers set to push the boundaries you will be able to purchase all your Yaris GR tuning products directly from the AET Motorsport webshop.
Working with some of the UK's leading tuning manufacturers like Forge motorsport Milltek Exhausts and Lichfield motors we will be supplying Hybrid turbos induction kits and many many upgrades.
The popularity of Toyota Yaris GR has manufacturers rushing to design products for the infamous Yaris GR. Further down the line, we plan to design VUDU products to ensure the highest quality tuning and upgrading products for the Toyota Yaris GR. 
Toyota have designed the Yaris with the intention of pushing the brand back into the heart of the car tuning enthusiast and rumor has it that every Yaris GR produced is actually at a loss due to its incredible spec from factory. the car is specked from factory with floating bell disc brakes performance coilovers, lightweight track wheels and an incredible amount of trick under the hood.
Initially planned to use in the infamous WRC rally championship the car was intended to have a limited run of build world wide allowing Toyota motorsport to run the car as a homologated rally car throughout the 2020 season. unfortunately this was completely bowled over with COVID-19 pandemic hitting the Motorsport world before the rally season got going. 
Toyota Gazoo racing decided to continue with producing the road going car they where hoping to homologate as a marketing tool to bring the Toyota Yaris back into the performance market.

Keep your eyes peeled on our Remapping section to see when we release our stage 1 - stage 3 remaps for this platform.
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