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BMW M135i Remaps and Tuning Products

M135i BMW Parts And Remaps.

The BMW M135i is a very impressive all-round package that is very well suited to everyday driving hugely powerful 6 cylinder engine delivering power to the rear wheels. makes this BMW M performance car a formidable driving package.

If you want to improve the look and drive of your BMW M135i we have some amazing products from the leading manufacturers like Remus Exhausts and many more.

AET Motorsport only stock the best tried and tested tuning products for the BMW M135i. Working alongside our big name Tuning Partners we can provide your BMW M135i performance car with everything from styling, remaps lowering springs and maxton design splitters

Tuning the BMW M135i 3.0ltr twin scroll turbo powered engine offers some fantastic results. The BMW N55 engine found in this M135i has been widely regarded as one of the best for performance BMW tuning. We are able to offer a Stage 1 Remap for just £449, this provides your BMW M135i with the extra go it should have had from factory.

We have developed a range of amazing tuning packages for the BMW m range of cars which ultimately gives you a more pleasurable driving experience whilst having the power under your right foot to embarrass much more exotic machinery.

Our VUDU remapping has been developed in house by our skilled technicians to offer outstanding driving feel and amazing power results but most of all during our test and development stages we look deeply into the reliability of our remap products to ensure you as a consumer have the most pleasure you can with peace of mind your remap isnt damaging your pride and joy.

If that isn't enough we can also offer a BMW M135i Stage 2 package. This Tuning package produced a mouth-watering 420+ bhp and 470ibft whilst keeping the OEM driving style in place for every day driving.

BMW Fitting and dyno testing also available.

Contact our trained technicians in Normanton for further details on tuning and remapping.

Check out a video of our demo BMW M135i featuring all the parts we have on our webshop.

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