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Remaps at AET Motorsport

Experience the envied power of an engine remap with the range of remapping softwares available at AET Motorsport!

An engine remap offers you an excellent opportunity to take your vehicle to a level you’ve likely never experienced before with each remap offering vast enhancements to both the wheel horsepower and torque figures of the vehicle.

Our talented team of technicians understands that no two engines are the same and as part of our service, we connect every vehicle to our very own advanced chassis dyno, to test the performance of the vehicle before and after we remap the car.

What Is A Remap?

An engine remap transforms the way your vehicle performs, adapting the engine to get the upmost amount of power and torque out of the vehicle to drastically enhance your overall driving experience.

Is A Remap Safe? 

Each Remap Package that we offer at AET Motorsport has gone through hours and hours of intense development and testing on our in house Dynapack to give you that much needed peace of mind you require when it comes to remapping your prized possession.

How Long Does a Remap Take?

Flashing the ECU remap to the car with before and after dyno testing will take approximately 1-2 hour to complete depending on your vehicle. To gain the full AET Motorsport experience, we recommend sticking around our state of the art workshop facility to witness the magic for yourself. 

What Vehicles Do We Offer Remaps For?

AET Motorsport take great pride in being able to offer remaps for a variety of make and models with our very own VUDU Software becoming increasingly popular with both our Ford and BMW customers. 

Working alongside a large number of our fantastic suppliers, such as APR Tuning and PERON, we've been able to branch out into new markets, offering an engine remap for the MQB Platform and the Mk8 Ford Fiesta ST.

Take a look at the difference a remap can offer your vehicle in the YouTube clip from our very own VUDU Garage YouTube channel below:

Ford Fiesta ST180 Remap Software:

Please note results from each ECU remap can differ due to the hardware already installed on the vehicle.

Need Further Details?

Our vastly experienced team have all the knowledge you require when it comes to a remap for you vehicle. Please get in contact and a member of our team will be happy to help with any remap enquiries that you may have.

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